Love Your Body Series: Emotional Freedom Technique

Learning to love and respect your body is not just a part of ED recovery – it can enhance the way any person thinks about themselves. Once a week, this series will explore my own attitudes to body-loving, spread the love and wisdom of other bloggers and throw out any tips and steps I learn along the way.

Before Emma hits me with the science, I am not claiming that EFT, or tapping, is the cure to all your woes and that you should forgo medicine or therapy. But I find EFT a really nice alternative on days when I can’t settle into meditation or calm myself or concentrate. It can be a quick and effective distraction or a way to focus and explore your issues (particularly around your body). I find it particularly useful when a situation arises that requires you to be with the pain and discomfort, the moments when self destructive habits seem to be the best way out of a bad place.

Here’s the long explanation. Go here to read about EFT who know what they’re talking about. But here’s the gist.

There are 7 (to 10) points to tap (depending on what instructions you follow; I use the first seven.) Plus the karate chop point on the side of your hand. I’ll get to that again in a second.

For the purpose of this post, I am going to use “Feeling too fat to go out” as an example of an uncomfortable situation. This both links in to Body Loving and is something I used EFT on a few weeks back. Give the level of discomfort a score out of 10. If I remember correctly, it was around an 8.

Next, tap the karate chop point three times, whilst saying something along the lines of “Even though I feel too fat to go out, I completely love and accept myself.” Paraphrase if you want. Even though … , I’m going to be okay. Even though … , I am safe and loved. Whatever you feel comfortable with.

Then start tapping the points about. 5-10 points on each. Repeat a reminder phrase, in this case, “too fat to go out.” Just keep tapping. Go for two or three rounds. Then re-assess your discomfort on a scale of 1-10. Ideally, it will have decreased. If it is down to say, five, you can go another few rounds. “Even though I still feel too fat to go out, I completely love and accept myself.”

It might work for you. It might not. But maybe the repetitive tapping motion or the repetitive positive thoughts may plant the seeds of some change. Hears hoping that they do.


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