Workout On A Budget: Combined Strength And Cardio

As a college student, I know the pain of being stereotypically poor and having one too many nights of cider and pizza. I’m not a member of a gym and I own nothing more expensive than a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat, but I believe that anyone can workout, get fit and enjoy themselves without breaking the bank.

Some days, it’s a struggle to motivate yourself to do a workout. On these days, short cardio and strength workouts might just do the trick. These videos are between 10 and 30 minutes and are designed to tick all the boxes of giving your body and cardiovascular system a full workout. When I first started exercising around five years ago, these are the type of videos I would pop on when I couldn’t be arsed walking all the way to the gym to hit the elliptical. These days, I do this type of thing when its too horrible out to go outside to exercise or when the thought of strength training alone bores me to tears.


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