Love Your Body Series: Taking Some Time

Learning to love and respect your body is not just a part of ED recovery – it can enhance the way any person thinks about themselves. Once a week, this series will explore my own attitudes to body-loving, spread the love and wisdom of other bloggers and throw out any tips and steps I learn along the way.

I’m currently recovering from Pride. In a fit of honesty, I’ll admit that today and yesterday’s posts come courtesy of last week’s pre-schedule. And because of the flurry of activity, something’s got to give. And you don’t have to be like me and have your life infested with rainbows and unicorns to feel like you’re stretching yourself too far.

Sometimes, there just isn’t time to fit in a run or a yoga class. Sometimes, you are too physically exhausted to prepare three macrobiotic vegan-friendly meals. And no, I am not saying that being kind to yourself is about grabbing a Big Mac and spending a week on the couch.

Being kind to yourself and appreciating your body is about doing what makes you feel good. If sleeping in after a long week makes you feel your best, do it. If you want to get some deep fried tofu from your local Chinese (and yes, it is awesome), do it. But don’t look at this as an excuse to binge, smoke and drink yourself into a vomit inducing stupor. It’s easy to convince yourself that that is what you really want. The aftermath? Not so much.

Your assignment for this week – treat yourself. Get a massage. Drive to the country and just hang out. Take a nap. Paint your toenails. Stretch. Read sparkly things on the internet. Paint, write, sing. Do what makes you happy.

Don’t beat yourself up if you have to skip a workout or wait one more day to tick something off your to-do list. A rest today will mean you’ll wake up fighting tomorrow.

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