And So Begins A Queer Aul Week…

Queer in the Irish sense and queer in the non-heterosexual queer sense. I’m busy and behind on everything. Especially blogging. My usual pattern of writing my posts a day or two beforehand has gone to absolute crap and I am actually writing this on Wednesday morning. Scratch that. Its already afternoon.

Monday was unproductive in the getting-work-done sense but fabulously productive in the go-out-and-dance-with-old-friends-and-get-twirled-by-a-random-boy sense. Which of course led to spending a lot of Tuesday morning creeping on Facebook and drinking diet Coke.

So now, Niall and I are going to multiple meetings for Pride, events for Pride, events for Out in UL and getting ready for going to Dublin Pride on Friday with the whole group. Its busy. And rainbow themed.

Happy Pride!



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