Love Your Body Series: Start A Recovery Journal

Learning to love and respect your body is not just a part of ED recovery – it can enhance the way any person thinks about themselves. Once a week, this series will explore my own attitudes to body-loving, spread the love and wisdom of other bloggers and throw out any tips and steps I learn along the way.

I say recovery journal because it started as a place to write my thoughts in the beginning of the recovery process. Maybe you aren’t coming back from an ED but still need a good solid does of body lovin’. Gala Darling calls it a Self Love Bible. Either way, we’re going to fill a book with awesomeness so when you’re not feeling so hot, you can remind yourself ho much progress you’ve made and how amazing and strong you really are.

Pick a notebook that you love. I like things with pretty covers and strong paper and stronger covers. You might like something small and plain that you can carry around with you. You might decorate it yourself. Just make sure you love. That way, you’ll use it.


On the first page, write that you love yourself. Or any phrase that conveys this. I love me. I vow to love myself. I am totally in love with (your name here.) Write a poem. Draw a picture. Anything that works for you.


Then fill it with whatever you want. The only rule is no negativity. Here are some of the things I put in mine:

  • Diary entries
  • Pictures
  • Quotes and affirmations
  • Worksheets (especially worksheets from Jessica Mullen)
  • Letters to myself for the next time I have an episode of depression (my therapist gave me this idea when I told her one day that its easy to forget that there is a light at the end of the tunnel)
  • Lists (mainly of pros and cons of ED behaviours)




But its up to you. Write, draw, scribble, collage, do whatever the hell you want. Just be positive and beautiful and fabulous. That way it is a reflection of yourself.


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