Linkage Love

Since I just came off my last round of hospital placement for first year and am readjusting my sleeping pattern to fit in with banquets, I am far too incoherent to write a quality post. But here are some quality posts and why you should (or should not) read them.

The Good

I’m Comic Sans, Asshole

Any of my Facebook friends have already seen me link this, but I’m putting it up again. I should get a tattoo in Comic Sans. For the craic.

Is This Feminist?

I am not able. As a loud feminist who jokes about the hilarity of some scary feminists, this is my Mecca. Read it and weep (with joy.)

“I’m Not Looking For A Relationship Right Now”

I concur.

Super American Narratives That Creep Into My Head Without Noticing

The lovely Katie wrote this piece about the different attitudes of America and Ireland towards grad school. Its something I tend to agree with myself and have really noticed the difference, especially when talking to Americans at work (I waitress mainly to the Yanks) about attitudes to education.


I found this blog just as I turned 20 and needed to start acting like a grown up. Required reading (and very funny.)

The Bad

10 Signs He’s Just Not That Into You

Thank you for enlightening me Bing. I would have never known that if he never contacts me of his own free will, I’ll be waiting a little longer for the fainne*. I’ll save you the feminazi rant on society’s portrayal of women etc.

The Gay

The savage 1920 purge of suspected homosexuals from Harvard University.

I liked this because I think it shows both how far the community has come and how far we have to go. Besides which, I have thought knowing the history of the LGBT community should become a priority ever since my first dose of it at a Pride workshop at Sparkles.

Look Who’s Coming Out

Not all these are recent but I was not aware of the (alleged) queerness of some of my favorite celebritahs: Jim Parsons, Raven, Jillian Michaels. Yes and YES.

Harvey Milk Day

It was Harvey Milk Day during the week. What an inspiring man. I wouldn’t consider myself a Sean Penn fan per se, but he does a beautiful portrayal in the movie Milk. Which you should rent. Right now.


*Gaeilge for ring. I’m feeling Irish today.


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