Sleep Don’t Weep

I’m quite tired. I find it semi-hilarious that when I’m quite tired I tend to blog instead of sleep. Clearly I have my priorities straight.

I’m still very busy, I have scripts and dances and songs to learn for work, facts about heart conditions and hereditary diseases to learn for college, plans and protocols to learn for my impending role as VP/Secretary for Out in UL. I have to skip the Great Limerick Run in favour of rehearsals but I am still hoping to do my birthday race so am trying to fit in runs. I am not sure how well I am doing but I’m tipping away.

I am now at the level of tired that all I want to do with my life is read books and record songs and write random poems for random boys. In short, its the time of year when I want to just be an artiste, knowing full well that given the opportunity I would spend all my time on facebook. I blame exams.

So I’m going to take Damien Rice’s advice and Sleep. Don’t Weep. And carry on.


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