Things About Which I Am Excited

I went out last night to good ol’ Costellos Tavern to celebrate the four day Easter weekend and having no work at all (!) I am tired and ineloquent due to my lack of sleep (never have friends over for tea at three in the morning if rest is a priority to you) but I feel I must share some of the awesome things that are happening lately.

  1. I have two weeks left of placement. That is seven days (plus weekends.) Then I am done first year. Who’da thunk it? Now, if only I could finish that pesky assignment….
  2. I was nominated for an award. A UL Student Media Award, but an award nonetheless. My article “Porn: Art or Obscenity?” is up for Best Art Piece.
  3. QueerBash is on Friday and boy am I excited. Now to figure out how to interpret the tribal theme from the wardrobe I already own….
  4. I can count on my hand the combination of dietitian and therapy appointments I have left this year. Its not that I dislike or dread these, but it is amazing to think how far I have come in the last 18 months and I finally am starting to notice a difference in my attitude and approach to life – the drama is starting to die down and I am beginning to grow up. And I am phenomenally pleased about this.
  5. Over the last three days, I have met up with a large majority of my absolute bestest friends and with summer coming, the days are longer, the nights are brighter and I have two whole months of forseeable future of hanging out with this uber cool people.

And that is that for now. More updates and coherence in time 🙂


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