Workout On A Budget: Kickboxing

As a college student, I know the pain of being stereotypically poor and having one too many nights of cider and pizza. I’m not a member of a gym and I own nothing more expensive than a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat, but I believe that anyone can workout, get fit and enjoy themselves without breaking the bank. 

When I hurt my ankle last summer, I made peace with the fact that I can’t run everyday. Or more than three times a week in my case. And after months of filling in the time with walking, swimming, elliptical machine, I realised that if I wanted to keep it up, I needed something fun, convenient and cheap. Enter kickboxing.

I got into KB when I bought a Billy Blanks Tae Bo DVD on a whim (I say bought, I really got it for free from doing surveys) and fell in love with jumping around punching, kicking and generally beating the crap out of the air. Even though DVDs are as cheap as chips these days, the internet is still my best friend when it comes to getting a variety of workouts while still staying as cheap and thrifty as ever. So here are some of the best.


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