QueerBash 9

QueerBash all began eight years ago in 2004 when Paddy McHugh RIP, the then President of  OutinUL Society decided to take the words Queer and Bash and make it into something positive for the gay community and also the event was to bring together the whole student community of UL whether you where Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual, Lesbian, Transgender or Questioning

Check out all the details here!

This Friday 13th April sees the 9th Annual QueerBash from Out In UL, the LGBTQ society in my university. I first heard about QueerBash when I was 16 and working for the Red Ribbon Project on work experience. I remember coming in and my supervisor telling me about how she had been too lazy to really commit to her drag king look so had instead stuck on a moustache, left on her usual look and went around shouting, “I AM A LAAAAAAAAADY!” I have wanted to go to QueerBash ever since.

This year is a tribal theme – “Queers Go Native!” – and whilst I am not sure what every other act is doing, I am pretty excited about what I am doing with Choral Society for the event. Daemon Irrepit Callidus, we will have our day again. After a hard night of partying, Sparkles is also happening in UL the next day and involves a series of workshops on pride, sexual empowerment, marriage equality and lots more.

Out in UL is one of those things that I joined with a few nerves but has been the best society I have ever been involved with. To the extent where I occasionally wander up to our president, Niall, and remind him how much better my life is now that I am part of the group. There have been great moments, distressing moments, flawless moments. Fronds, I love you.


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