What It Really Means To Be Irish

Happy Paddy’s Day! Sometimes it seems like the world sees the Irish in one of two ways. We are all leprechauns and priests… or we’re drunk. Who am I to deny this?

But there is a quintessential Irish-ness that the global community is less aware of.

I say 90% of this stuff pretty much all the time. And I am definitely not the only one.

All five members of my family watched this together the other day. I don’t what this says about us.

Limerick rapping at its finest.



2 thoughts on “What It Really Means To Be Irish

  1. What a pleasant surprise. A young lady who has written a delightful post on the subject of St. Pats without drooling over plastic sharocks and long lost affinities with a great Uncle Tommy from Dublin. Well done kidda.

  2. Much as I appreciate people’s efforts to remember their great great grandfather’s cousin’s maid’s daughter’s links to Ireland, reality had to show a face somewhere 🙂

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