Pave Your Life Roadmap: Re-Evaluating Goals

2012 started about 10 weeks ago, so its right about the time for people to start giving up on their resolutions. One of the best ways of avoiding this trap is to re-evaluate your goals regularly, figure out what is working and what isn’t and whether what you wanted in a flight of new year’s fervour is still what you want now that spring has hit.

When I last left this exercise, I had come up with eight major themes that I value in my life and action plans to score five out five in what I wanted to get out of life (even though I didn’t get into all of them here, I had them safely in my peacock notebook, ready to share now.) It went something like this:

  1. Education – 2/5
  2. Security – 3/5
  3. Organisation – 2/5
  4. Personal Growth – 1/5
  5. Health and Fitness – 2/5
  6. Relationships – 3/5
  7. Fun and Entertainment – 2/5
  8. Creativity – 3/5

As you can see, I was pretty tough on myself -but the factors for success were important to me.


“If I had a life filled with Education, I would……”

  1. Become competent in French
  2. Work towards a First Class Honours Degree
  3. Achieve my Teaching Diploma in Classical Singing
  4. Read once a day
  5. Approach everything I do as learning opportunity.

My action plan was to set aside at least 30 minutes each day to read, to become competent in French again, and to work consistently towards msely singing teaching diploma (full details can be found in  the original post.)

And you know what? I haven’t followed my plan exactly – my timings were fine for the Christmas holidays when I was looking to fill the day but they are just not realistic during the college semester. However, I have been reading most days (I am two chapters from the end of a great book that I will review soon,) I took out a French self-teaching book from the library at Christmas and refreshed a good bit of the language and whilst my work on my Dip is sporadic, my presentation is done and I’ve started practising my repertoire again.

New Roadmap Score: 4/5 (I still want to work harder for my Teaching Dip, that essay may kill me)


“If I had a life filled with creativity, I would….”

  1. Express myself through writing and music
  2. Seek out opportunities to perform
  3. Have ideas
  4. Publish my work in a public forum
  5. Design my surroundings creatively and inspiringly

The action plan here was to join Music Soc, work on my set lists, keep track of ideas, write everyday, blog regularly and set up a corner for myself in the extension

Except for writing everyday, I think I have achieved that. I am (pretty) good at keeping posts regular, play a lot more in private and in public (usually in gay bars but who’s here to judge,) post on Youtube and the blog and have a place to get some productive work done

New Roadmap Score: I think it wouldn’t be too far as to say… 5/5 (momentum – keep going)


“If I had a life filled with organisation, I would….”

  1. Have all my files at easy access
  2. Manage my time with lists and goals
  3. Participate in keeping up the house
  4. Keep on top of assignments and society responsibilities
  5. Use my time wisely and consciously

The action plan was to organise my music, notebooks and files so I could actually find things, keep my room and the extension tidy, help out with housework, set monthly goals and write a to do list every morning

All the organising was done soon after the goals were made and although the house can get messy, I try and tidy up once a week at least. Other housework is a different story though (sorry mom!) I am setting monthly fitness goals – but not much else… And although my lists aren’t daily, I write them frequently. Keeps me sharp

New Roadmap Score: 4/5 (I will help around the house soon, I swear)

Health and Fitness

“If I had a life filled with health and fitness, I would…”

  1. Maintain a healthy vegetarian diet
  2. Exercise 4 hours a week, including running and yoga
  3. Participate in group fitness activities
  4. Be free of aches and pains
  5. Have a routine around my vitamins and medication

The action plan involved signing up for a 10K, doing online challenges, running twice a week, cardio 5 times a week, yoga once a week, eating five times a day and reducing sugar.

After completing my January Sparkpeople Challenge, I decided that I was going to do the 10K in the Great Limerick Run this May (with Little Sister) and so I am running three times a week (win!) Exercise wise I’m pretty happy (except maybe for yoga… the hips can start creaking if I leave it too long) and I am making headway with the food as always

New Roadmap Score: 3.5/5 (I took off an extra half because of the yoga)


If I had a life filled with relationships, I would….”

  1. Be honest and kind with people
  2. Make time for my family
  3. Engage regularly in social and group activities
  4. Let go of the fears and flaws that get in the way of healthy relationships
  5. Love and be loved

The action plan was to be open to new things, stop making joking criticisms, see my extended family more (especially my Nanas) and have coffee with my Mom once or twice a month to catch up.

I do spend the time with my Mom but I need to see my Nanas more. It shouldn’t be only on occasions and at gatherings that I make the effort, my family should be part of my everyday life.

Joking criticisms… I like to think that maybe its not my gut reaction any more. But then, I only wanted to change that for someone else and that’s not so much an issue now. Still, I am trying my best to open to new experiences and to be honest and kind. I’m back in therapy and it is really contributing to making this a very real aspect of my life.

New Roadmap Score: 3/5 – still needs work!

Personal Growth

“If I had a life filled with personal growth, I would….”

  1. Feel comfortable in my own skin
  2. Explore my beliefs and spirituality
  3. Partake in regular meditation and journalling
  4. Make strides in my own recovery (and try to inspire others)
  5. Focus on the big picture

The action plan was to go back into therapy, interact with positive people, keep my recovery journal going, do research on different religions, blog three times a, so  week, do self development exercises regularly, daily meditation and have positive expectations of myself in recovery.

I am back in therapy – and it is an even more interesting experience than last time because I am less consumed by the concept of a “food problem” and I am learning a lot. I am exceedingly making more and more strides in my recovery (even if I have my moments) but I am regularly ensured that the therapeutic process is hard and difficult emotions come up, so low moods or occasional tunnel vision aren’t a step back… they are a learning experience.

I am not so great at regularly journalling and meditating (but I have therapy so it is balancing out in the same manner) but I have been far more regular about blogging and that is really more important to me anyway.

Religion wise… still searching for a spirituality that fits… or at the very least, a philosophy that fits my thinking. Until then, I am really enjoying reading the works of HH Dalai Lama.

New Roadmap Score: 3.5/5 – I don’t want to get complacent, I want to keep it going!


If I had a life filled with security, I would…”

  1. Have a savings account
  2. Work regularly
  3. Be confident in my decisions
  4. Plan for the future
  5. Be conscious in my actions (re: finances/career)

The action plan involved paying off my overdraft, starting to save, getting more students and applying for a regular job.

I actually far exceeded my expectations here. I still want to be very conscious of my money (I have a tendency to spend a lot on coffee and Subway….) but for the first time in a year, I am out of debt! Thank you UL for the scholarship. And even bigger news, I have a job! I am now a part time Bunratty singer (which is like a singing waitress in 17th costume for banquets in a castle just outside Limerick.) Once I have actual income, I will start saving so I am right on track!

New Roadmap Score: 4.5/5 – must stop spending so much money on Subway….

Fun and Entertainment

“If I had a life filled with fun and entertainment, I would…”

  1. Make me-time for self indulgent media (TV, social networking, blogging)
  2. Enjoy cross cultural activities such as foreign films
  3. Explore the world around me
  4. Go to non conventional events such as operas
  5. Cultivate my relationships and experiences

The plan was to visit one new place in Ireland and one new place abroad, read travel guides, go to the opera, go to two big society events, read books on different cultures and watch foreign movies.

I have had very little time for my foreign movie fetish but me and Emma do watch Stein’s Gate (anime series) every Friday morning so I’ll take that. I really want to go somewhere this summer, both in Ireland and abroad so that is a work in progress.

I still need to make it to the opera (THIS WILL HAPPEN) but I have been uber involved with societies such as Limerick Choral Festival with UL Choral Soc and lots of stuff with Fan Forum and Out in UL. So I am pretty happy on that front

New Roadmap Score: 3/5 – no big changes yet but its a work in progress


So those are my resolutions and I am pretty happy with how they are going. I’ll review them again in another 3 months (if I remember) and hopefully this momentum will be just as strong.

So. Review your goals. Go.


4 thoughts on “Pave Your Life Roadmap: Re-Evaluating Goals

  1. Congratulations! So great to see it all mapped out. How does it feel?

    You ought to give yourself a 2 for personal development simply for launching this program!

    So nice to see this process working for you!



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