March Fitness Plan

Its that time of month again – time to update the aul fitness regime! I am very aware that I am always about a week ahead of each month but I cannot bear more than 4 weeks of the same plan, so as far as I am concerned, starting Monday, it’s March.

First things first – how did the February plan go?

I only missed two scheduled runs the whole month (one day from bad rain, one day from extreme exhaustion) and my walk run ratio has increased from 17 minutes run:13 minutes walk to 25 minutes run:5 minutes walk. I’m not running a marathon but if the ankle injury debacle last May taught me anything is to build up slow and keep mileage low in the process. I have all the time in the world to run long – but I can’t do it if my tendons are screaming at me. The whole injury incident stemmed from some leftover exercise compulsion anyway and whilst I love to work out and keep fit, all exercise obsession ever did was make me cry. And not just from the injuries.

As far as strength training goes, I got my 6 videos done a week (I cut the cardio video because the extra running required more leg rest) but not necessarily one a day. I am so ready to change it up though – I reiterate, my attention span is ridiculously short. Cross training was once again Tae Bo, 10 Minute Solutions and walking. The only thing I really failed out on in my plan was yoga. Oh, yoga I have neglected you so (about 90 minutes in the whole month….) but I promise I will return.

March Fitness Plan

Strength Training: 1 hour strength training a week. I’ll still probably split it more or less over 1 video a day. See the new playlist here

Running: One short run (2M), one medium (2.5-3M) run and one longer run (3-4M) a week

Cross Training: One day 30 mins higher intensity (probably kickboxing) and one day 45 mins lower intensity (probably walking)

Flexibility: One yoga session a week

High expectations but we’ll give it a go 🙂


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