My Favourite Search Terms Of All Time

People look up weird shit on the internet. And somehow they end up here. 

So lets look at some of the best, completely unrelated stuff that takes people to my homely, little blog.


  1. raggy cinderella/old cinderella – Am I elderly, dishevelled and a fairytale character? You bet your ass I am.
  2. Food related searches: awesome tuna melt, tuna melt daily free, best noms – I agree. Nomming on an awesome free tuna melt everyday would be great.
  3. i dont want to be your best friend anymore , i want to go beyond that – Francis. Its neither the time nor the place.
  4. sexy gaeilgeoir – Why thank you. Thank you very much.
  5. cheap teal club dress – I do love dresses and teal but I resent the implication that I am cheap. I am thrifty.
  6. explain what made you afraid the spiders – I’m n -ot afraid. I catch them and set them free using pint glasses and lecture notes
  7. hipster cat chemistry – What does this even mean? Is there sexual chemistry between the hipster and the cat? Is a cat using his Bunsen burner whilst listening to Marina and the Diamonds?
  8. taste man – I am a man of good taste…I mean….
  9. sad study nerd – *goes to corner and cries*
  10. katenap sleeping bags – Someone knew what they were looking for if they knew my website, why did they want to know about sleeping bags?!
  11. kate stewart medicine cork – Who the fuck was Googling this?! LEAVE ME BE!
  12. Spongebob related searches: red head spongebob, spongebob lifting weights, spongebob gif horror, handsome squidward – I wasn’t aware I made so many Spongebob references in my daily life…
  13. “singing teacher” “student” “big tits” – Oh Lord. I think someone was looking for porn an was sorely disappointed.
Oh Internet. You terrify me sometimes.


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