Weekend Countdown

Happy Saturday folks! I need to post today if I am going to keep up with this whole “get better at writing goal.”

I must admit, I’m pretty tired and my week was very up and down – elated to down in the doldrums and back again within mere hours. I’m back to college on Monday (yay!) and I’m ecstatic with my exam results (its only cementing the fact Nursing was the right choice.) These mood swings are making more conscious of what I am writing on the internet, hence my mini hiatus, but I have lots of post ideas (and other writing ideas) in the pipeline – I just need to pluck up the motivation and courage to actually write them. I have high hopes that I will have an interesting post by the end of the week. Even rambling on like this is helping to put me in the mood.

So until I am actually productive, here’s a little countdown from 10 of recent happenings, hashed together from various blogging and tumblr challenges.

10 words you way overuse

  1. feck
  2. totally
  3. awesome
  4. like
  5. awkward/awks/awkward turtle
  6. queer
  7. utterly
  8. jaaaysus
  9. yurt
  10. *various gender theory shite*

9 things you do everyday

  1. Read
  2. Think about blogging (sometimes I do it too.)
  3. Facebook (several times a day)
  4. Check my RSS feed (several times a day)
  5. Make a point about gay rights/the health system/educating the youth of today.
  6. Eat porridge
  7. Think about exercising (95% of the time I do.)
  8. Overanalyse my life
  9. Sing and annoy my family

8 websites you go on way too often

  1. Facebook. I hate myself for this.
  2. tumblr. See above.
  3. My stats page on the blog. *narcissism*
  4. Memebase. I die.
  5. Autostraddle. Shamelessly. I die. Intellectually.
  6. Various websites from my sparkley and sexy category over there <—–. Especially Shmitten Kitten and Ega Jones. Read religiously.
  7. My college e-mail/timetable. Shockingly, nothing has changed.
  8. Bittorrent (which is more of a program than a site, yes) to watch absurd amounts of internet television.

7 things you are grateful for

  1. My bike for when I am to poor to ride the bus.
  2. The internet, for making me feel like I may have a life. (Irony much?)
  3. Quorn, for making excellent meat substitutes.
  4. My mom, for listening to me cry when she really doesn’t have to.
  5. Tea, for solving all life’s problems and bringing people together.
  6. Best friends, even if they don’t know that I consider them so.
  7. Nights out in 31 and Costies. Because if you were there, no explanation is needed.

6 things that made you drop lolbombs from your roflcopter

5 things you’re reading right now

  1. Potatoes not Prozac by Kathleen DesMoiselles
  2. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley
  3. Autostraddle’s Things I Read That I Love series
  4. Eating Myself by Candida Crewe
  5. Tha Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

4 current obsessions

  1. Learning French
  2. Rooney Mara
  3. Reading, writing, playing and singing Schubert
  4. Finding the best cosmopoliton in Limerick (FYI The Bailey is winning.)

3 tv shows that are taking over your life right now

  1. Dr Who (I have finally finished! What is left in my life?!)
  2. Secret Smile – watched this ITV movie from 2005 yesterday. Scared the crap out of me and changed my opinion of David Tennant yet again.
  3. Grey’s Anatomy – when will this mid season break end?!

2 favourite songs right now

  1. Where is my mind? The Pixies (Oldie=goodie)
  2. We found love Rihanna (I will never get sick of this song.)

1 recent picture

Fran, Egne and me being particularly blue.

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