Sugar Withdrawal Day 4

I am four days without sugar and I kind of want to die. Or kill everyone else around me, I’m not quite sure yet.

I do see the benefits. I do not have multiple crashes due to low blood sugar during the day. My binging has pretty much stopped (I know its only been four days but thats still a pretty big deal for me.) I need a lot less food to keep me full because I’m eating lots of protein and unprocessed food.

But right now, in the midst of it, it still kind of sucks. The headaches, the upset stomach, the mood swings. And more than all of them, I have to actually feel my feelings. Turns out that I have a lot of them. And they aren’t that happy that there is no sugar to placate them anymore.

So when anxiety, depression and panic sets in, what do I do now that I can’t suckle on a piece of chocolate?

For one, I’m being a total hippie and meditating a lot. Every morning. It keeps me sane until lunch at the very least and I am becoming slightly less uncomfortable with my raw emotions everytime I just sit down to contemplate and breathe.

I am back on the exercise wagon and have done something active everyday for the last three weeks. Sometimes it is a quick half hour going gung ho with kickboxing, sometimes its a run or a long walk, other times its yoga and on days that I am tired, it might be a simple 10 minutes of some ab work. But doing a little everyday is suiting me a lot better than going insane three or four times a week and utterly dreading it. And it all balances out to around the same amount of time (4-5hours) a week – its just that I actually enjoy it this way.

Last, but not least, I am trying to keep myself busy with the to do list I make every morning. 8-10 things to accomplish during the day so if I’m at a loss at what to do I can just look at my notebook and see that, “oh yes, I wanted to practice three sections of that piano piece” or “I almost forgot tidy my room.”

Hopefully by my next post, I won’t feel so homicidal. I’m off to nurse this headache and watch some Dr. Who.


8 thoughts on “Sugar Withdrawal Day 4

  1. Honestly, no. But I am eating far less sugar than I was before thanks to a heady mix of rethinking my diet (lots more protein and fruit and veg) and going into therapy (to address why I need sugar so bad anyway.)
    Cold turkey is really hard and didn’t work for me so I think you are amazing for getting this far. If you break, don’t beat yourself up too much, just pick yourself up and get back on the wagon – but really think about why you needed the sugar. For me it was usually down to stress or being lonely and usually a run, a hug or a conversation with my best friend helped a lot.
    Good luck Laura!

  2. At least you knew what you were dealing with this early on. I knew I’d be going through some withdrawals, but I had no idea it would be this bad. On my first run at it, I made it 9 days. Gave in for the night of alcohol and visiting to get rid of the stress. Now I’m on day 5. I am finally starting to see why I’m such a basket case, and cranky, and almost vibrating most days. Wow

  3. I can’t believe that comment I left was only last March. It seems like years ago!

    Haha I couldn’t even get my suffix correct on “posting” because I was so screwed up from withdrawal. It was like my brain didn’t work for an entire month.

    I’m not even the same person anymore. Not only did I make it, although I suffered terribly those first few weeks, I am now totally free of sugar and grain. My brain works, my insulin levels are going down and my glucose levels are normal.

    I won’t ever be going back to foods that act like sugar. That fight was too hard and the memory too painful.

    But I feel like I’ve been reborn.

    That doesn’t mean I’m perfect, but if I eat something not on my food plan it’s no longer a problem to enjoy it and go right back to eating without sugar. No more addictions or cravings.

    I hope you both keep trying if you want this, because if a chubby sugar addict like me can do this you certainly can. The rewards are so worth it.

  4. Wow! I feel your pain. I did the 30 sugar free days. I was a “Wreck” the first 2 weeks! Everything you mentioned it happened including MAJOR headaches! As time passed things got better and I started to drop my weight as well. So far to date I have dropped 65 pounds. I remain on the sugar free lifestyle and have done so for the past 4 1/2 months. I feel so much better and no longer have a craving for “Junk”. I basically eat all “whole” foods and fruits and vegetables. Once you get past the struggle it’s a whole “NEW” way of life! I love it!! This is a great post! šŸ™‚

  5. Its amazing to see that this post still has interest. It feels a long time since I wrote it. I had happily cut down but then work and stress got a little too much and I fell completely off the band wagon. I’m happy to say that I am cutting down again and am far better prepared this time. I realised that I can’t cut out sugar and cut out all other food at the same time so I am being optimistic that I can do it this time.

    At the very least, this post has showed me that I’m not alone šŸ™‚

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