Setting Goals That Actually Work

First off, go read the original article over at No Meat Athlete.

Now let get down to business.

Setting Goals That Actually Work

Difficulty – 2

The premise of this is that to set goals, we must be inspired by our goals. We must want it so much that we will stay motivated. We pick the things that are REALLY important to us.

Step 1

Under four headings (Personal, Physical, Spiritual, Financial) write down everything you want in life. Everything. You have decades to achieve all this. Think big.


  • Become competent in French
  • Visit all the countries in Scandinavia
  • Overcome compulsive overeating
  • Record an album worth of songs
  • Get a teaching diploma in both singing and piano
  • Get a performance diploma in both singing and piano
  • Let go of fear
  • Get a First Class Honours Degree


  • Complete a 10K
  • Complete a Half Marathon
  • Commit to yoga
  • Commit to a healthy vegetarian diet


  • Explore different religions and philosophies
  • Explore personal spirituality and meaning
  • Develop healthy coping mechanisms
  • Develop a regular habit of meditation


  • Get a secure job
  • Move out of home
  • Start a savings account
  • Get out of debt
  • Get paid for a solo gig

Step 2: Prioritise

Write a one next to the goals you want to achieve in the next year. Aim for 6-12 goals.

  1. Overcome compulsive overeating
  2. Forget fear
  3. Become competent in French
  4. Develop a regular practice of meditation
  5. Commit to yoga
  6. Get out of debt

Step 3: Write down the whys

Why do I want to overcome compulsive overeating?

I want to live contentedly and fully and to add onto the progress that I have already made in recovery. Now that my compensatory behaviours have diminished, I am inspired to work to overcome COE in the same way and regain a healthy body and mind. By doing this, I will become a better nurse, a better daughter and a better friend.

Why do I want to forget fear?

My fear of failure and abandonment is holding me back and keeping me from making strides in my recovery, my relationships and my personal growth. To fully recover and be happy, I must face my fears head on – by working through discomfort, by being kind, open and honest and by becoming a more trusting individual.

Why do I want to become competent in French?

Other than my love of French culture and language, being able to speak French well would mean that the option of working in France or Francophone areas of Canada is a more realistic goal – and both have two of the best health systems in the world.

Why do I want to start meditating regularly?

In the past, meditation has helped me deal with my stresses in a healthy manner. As well as this, meditation is a way to explore my own attitudes, behaviour and spirituality. It also helps me plan my day and quiet my mind.

Why do I want to get out of debt?

I want to feel financially secure for the coming year and depend less on my parents for support. The long term goal would be to move into my own house and have a regular job but being debt free is the first step towards this.

Why do I want to commit to yoga?

Yoga calms my mind as well as relieving the pains I get in my hips and legs. There are countless mental, physical and spiritual benefits to yoga and it is a practice which I keep returning to.

So there it is. My big goals for the new year and why I want these things in my life. Review the whys on a regular basis for maximum success 🙂


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