Pave Your Life Roadmap: Part 2

So we left off yesterday with a pretty big list of passions and a far more organised group of values. Now to the next step.

Step 3: Set the Situation

For each theme you came up with in Step 2, we are going to come up with five indicators to do with that category. One of my values is education.

“If I had a life filled with Education, I would……”

  1. Become competent in French
  2. Work towards a First Class Honours Degree
  3. Achieve my Teaching Diploma in Classical Singing
  4. Read once a day
  5. Approach everything I do as learning opportunity.

Do this for each of your themes

Step 4: Visual Report Card

Looking at your indicators, how well are you incorporating these aspects in your everyday life? Give yourself a score out of five for each category. In education, I give myself a 2/5 – I want to work on French, my Teaching Dip and consistent reading.

Remember my spider webby thing I promised I’d explain:

This is my visual report card.

Step 5: Action Plan

For each indicator you want to work on, come up with an action plan of how you are going to improve.

To read more consistently, I will make a list of ten books I want to read and set aside at least 30 minutes each day to do this.

To become competent in French again, I plan on reading an article in French everyday, as well as doing a grammar topic and a vocabulary list once a week.

To achieve my teaching diploma, I will spend 30 minutes each a week on my essay, presentation and performance for the exam.

Write these action plans in an achievable manner – I tend to put things in blocks of thirty minutes because it is creating a habit without becoming overly daunting. If you find you need an hour a day or ten minutes a week to start working towards your goal, then do it. No one can make these decisions for you.

SO, that is it, dear readers. If you do spend the time to commit to this exercise, you will reap the rewards. Although it was probably the most difficult exercise to complete, I now have a list of small achievable tasks and activities to work towards my overall goals.

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