Pave Your Life Roadmap

I first came across this next exercise via Ega Jones, which led me to the Idea Sandbox. I warn you now, it is in depth, relatively time consuming (compared to the other exercises) and wholly satisfying. It is an exercise that you do feel was worth the effort and allows you to really explore your own purpose, goals and actions in life.

Difficulty – 3, because you’d want to do this over a few days

Pave Your Life Roadmap

The full details can be found here with templates and examples galore. Below, I will walk you through my process and results, which I hope inspires you to do it yourself and help guide you along the way 🙂

Step 1: List Your Passions

Make a list/mind map/pile of notecards with everything you love to do in life. Make sure its not what you SHOULD do – but what you WANT to do and what you WOULD do if life presented no time or financial constraints.

My mind map included things like performing, reading, travelling, college societies and yoga, as well as a load of other things, below.


Step 2: Identify Values

Group all these passions into values – what is important in your life. Whittle and group and reorganise until you go from this

to this:

(I’ll explain the spider webby thing in time.)

And that, my dears is part one of this exercise. Part two tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Pave Your Life Roadmap

  1. Kate,

    I’m so glad you’re finding this exercise helpful! And… I noticed you’ve got a lower score for yourself in the “personal growth” section… You should bump that up since doing this project.

    This “Pave Your Life Roadmap” exercise is a huge personal growth tool. Please feel free to contact me if you – or your readers – get stuck on a step!

    Happy New Year!

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