Personal Commandments

Today’s activity comes courtesy of The Happiness Project, a huge resource of tips, resolutions and exercises on how to improve your own happiness. You could wade through this website for hours but this was probably my favourite activity.

Personal Commandments to Live By

Difficulty Level – 2

This is more or less what it sounds like. We are going to do a set of commandments to live our lives by, only instead of the Bible to refer to, you get your own beliefs and attitudes to guide your way. I gave it a difficulty of 2 because it is a lot more self guided than yesterday’s exercise. But, yesterday’s can also lend itself to this. The original page gives all the tips on how to be as effective as possible with this activity so away we go!

Kate’s Personal Commandments to Live By

  1. Be Kate – Love Kate
  2. Forget Fear
  3. Music Helps
  4. On the Third Day, Do It – No Matter How Inconvenient
  5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
  6. Baby Steps
  7. SMILE!
  8. Be Loving and Love Will Find You
  9. Its About the Journey, Not the Destination
  10. Slow Down – Breathe!

What are your personal commandments for living?


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