New Year’s Week

Every day this week, I am going to give a new activity to do everyday. Its kind of like resolutions, but I would like to think of it more as self exploration and personal growth. Some of these activities are short and some of them are long – but all of them are interesting and pretty worth doing. I am also going to give a difficulty level based on a score of 3 as a basic guide to time involvement, supplies needed and that sort of thing. I would love if you, dear readers, would do one, two or all along with me – or if nothing else, peruse the various other sites I will reference during this project. So, let’s get started

Personal Mission Statement

Difficulty Level – 1

The Personal Mission Statement comes courtesy of Franklin Covey. It is an online tool and is extremely easy and accessible. You answer a series of questions about yourself and the computer gives a nice little chart a personal mission statement. You can also order a poster of this if you are so inclined, but I was happy enough just to post my results here (and put them up on my new collage in my room.)

Kate’s Mission Statement

1. I am at my best when I am relaxed and content.
2. I will try to prevent times when I am stressed and self conscious.
3. I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can engage with patients/students whilst caring/teaching.
4. I will find enjoyment in my personal life through creating and performing.
5. I will find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as music, teaching and listening.
6. I can do anything I set my mind to. I will write songs, stories, poetry and compositions and I will sing and perform.
7. My life’s journey is to give women hope for themselves and their bodies when returning from ed and depression. I am doing to help myself and others and to take what I have learned to a larger stage. I would hope that others would find the hope to recover and seek help.
8. I will be a person who my friends will be glad to know. I would hope that a husband and children would be in my life and that they would be grateful for me as a mother. I would like my patients to say that I cared and improved their quality of life.
9. My most important future contribution to others will be to share my experiences to give them hope when they are upset and afraid.

10. I will stop procrastinating and start work to stop giving into fear and unpleasant feelings associated with relationships with people, food and myself

11. I will strive to incorporate the following attributes into my life:

  • Freedom to create
  • Be yourself no matter what
  • Self exploration and inner peace

12. I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life:

  • Regular yoga, balanced eating and running
  • Meditation, journaling and blogging and exploring my own beliefs and attitudes
  • Develop good coping skills and engage in creative activities
  • Be more trusting in people, be as social as possible whilst maintaining balance, spend time with family

If you are as oddly satisfied with personal development exercises as I am, this is a good one to try 🙂

Happy new year kids.


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