Nerd Ball 2011

I went to a ball on Sunday. Call me freakin’ Cinderella šŸ™‚

After the Yu-Gi-Oh drinking game was complete, off we went to a fancy hotel to be socially awkward (and skip dinner because we are cheap.)

Besides the DMC-ing in the bathroom and the fancy dresses and suits, there was also a number of theme songs (Big Bang Theory, Fresh Prince, Pokemon and Dr Who but to name a few) and the President’s Dance Off, in which Niamh did her presidential duty and made me proud.

I danced a lot. To a lot of 80s music. And really anything else that came on. The shoes came off though.

There is of course more to say but this is a family show. So I leave you with a picture of me in my finery šŸ˜‰


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