6. A photo of something you love in your room.

I started this challenge a while back, was faithful to it for the first 5 days and then proceeded to completely forget about it. But my perfectionist ways cannot just let this hang. So we shall strive on.

I have had my whiteboard for almost three years and this has been on it since almost the beginning. It is something I refuse to clean off and I’m pretty sure that it is so embedded at this point, that I couldn’t, even if I wanted to. It was one of those weeks where I had decided that I needed a little extra motivation to stay on my “diet” so I had scrawled phrases like “Too fat” and “Do not eat” on my white board. Only in French, so my parents wouldn’t be all “Wtf?”

Sinead, my best friend, did speak French and proceeded to wipe my board down, give me a hug and write the message below. And so it will continue to be a permanent part of my room.


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