Shaking with Rage

I was linked this article by my friend. I am not going to get emotional or offensive or anything like that on the Internet. I will however make a few succinct points.

1. Gay is not a noun

2. Nobody is gay to be “edgy”

3. Bisexuals are not just skanks from the 70s – they are people who are attracted to both genders

4. Trans people deserve as many rights as everyone else and deserve to be included in LGBT – because they too are people

5. Oversexualisation of society is not a gay or a straight thing – it is a people thing. Some people are far more sexual than others, some are completely asexual. Don’t judge a persons motives on the sexuality they identify with.

6. Was it an appetite for rights when women wanted the vote? When black people wanted the same legal rights as everyone else? When history looks back on its oppressors, the minority group generally doesn’t come off in a bad light.

8. Repeatedly pointing out that a grouop is a minority is only going to serve to degrading them

9. The Independent is a national, non-tabloid paper with a lot of media power. How dare they use this power to belittle an entire community?

10. Saying some of your best friends are gay does not make your abject homophobia ok. Some of my best friends are gay – and I have rarely been so furious in my life.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to scream all the rage and frustration out of me.


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