Melodramatic Poem Time

I haven’t posted a poem in a while. I would love to say it was because I was blogging or songwriting. But really it was because I was either out on the town or being scared out of my skin by the concept of shock. That’s scary shit people. Anyways, here we go. As pessimistic as always 🙂


I feel her burrowing
Into the snuggest of recesses
Loathe to part from such a welcoming host,
All nourishment provided at her very will.

So enticing her smile, her speech,
Her ease and aesthetic
That every vowel, every verb
Rings as true as the moon.

Consumed or not, I am fragmented.
And yet I love her all the more,
Absense truly augmenting
The fondness in my heart.

Treading such a thin line
It is hard to tell where I end
And she begins,
Only that she surpasses with an unknown rule.

A day not long ago,
I decided to leave her
As alone and despairing
As she had once left me
And through the war
Of tears and pain and scales
I believed I was free,
That I had never once loved her,
That I was once again my own.

But she is a cunning temptation
Of dark ideals and darker love.
She has not spared me yet.

Is she a light, an oasis? – I cannot tell.
But I hear in her voice
A cadenza of truth
And I am captured within her spell.

P.s. This isn’t some weird cry for help or anything. This is old, I am still in celebration mode for my one year recovery!


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