I’m Off!

I should be asleep right now, because at 2:30am I will be boarding a bus. And that bus will take me to Dublin. From which, I will fly to Helsinki. To board another plane, arriving in Oulu at some point tomorrow afternoon.

For you see, dear readers, County Limerick Youth Choir are going international and are performing our show “Sibelius in Silence” at the Irish Festival of Oulu in Finland! Oh Lordy, we have come a long way.

I am also extra excited/nervous/terrified because I still have a touch of sore throat/flu. And the third song of theh show is…a solo by yours truly. This was a big deal for me when it was just Newcastle West. But in Scandinavia?! Dear readers, I ask that you pray for me. I’ll try and get a video but I make no promises.

Expect pictures in a week’s time.


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