3. A recent photo of yourself.

The most recent photo of me is actually my student ID card photo (It is too small to put up here, but imagine me saying “Ara sure” and you get the general picture.) Oh, and I am in college now. For realsies. More on that later.

So instead, here is a picture of me at the Laurel Hill Debs with my wife, Aimee. We had a fun night dancing, drinking (soda water for me) and generally making everyone uncomfortable with our status as the token lesbian vegetarians. Teachers and photographers shunned us with bafflement that a girl would bring another girl to a Debs. Sorry for having a friend, I guess.

One guy was truly upset to find out that we were not in fact in a committed relationship. Only a committed friendship, in which I have agreed to a marriage to be instigated at the age of forty, subject to nobody falling in love in the mean time 🙂


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