Another Challenge: Day 1

It’s my 250th post! Wowsers.

To celebrate, I’m going to do another blog challenge. I am well aware that the last one (30 day music challenge) took about 10 years to complete and killed a little bit of my soul along the way. But this is a short one (10 days) and I figure it’ll give everyone a break from constant ED awareness 🙂 Plus you get to know me a little better and we can all be besties for life 😉

The challenge goes like this:

1. A letter to someone you care about.
2. Lyric(s) to a song you love.
3. A recent photo of yourself.
4. A video that made you laugh so hard you cried.
5. A letter to your best friend.
6. A photo of something you love in your room.
7. A song that describes your life.
8. A quote that you really love.
9. Your favorite television program, and why.
10. A confession of your choice.

A Letter to Someone You Care About

Hi love,

I’m not sure if I’ve said it yet, but I sure am proud of you. For the obvious, like getting into college, to the not-so-obvious, like inspiring me to change my life. I’m not quite sure when exactly you became my best friend – maybe it was when we were figuring out what clouds looked like, or that long talk in the bathtub, or the date where we didn’t break into the library and you didn’t buy me orange juice. Maybe it was when we went drinking on Paddy’s day, or when I made you a tutu or when we were making up fake names to protect ourselves from lurks.

What I am sure of is this. Without you, I would be a lot less healthy, a lot less well, a lot less content in myself and a lot less used to going out 🙂 I would never know the joy of tofu, good make up brushes or being overly tanned. And who on earth would I discuss boys, trinities and hair removal with? I am so grateful that I have a friend who can relate to my problems, who lets me into their home on a far too regular basis and who never brings down the craic.

You give yourself a lot less credit than you deserve (at least you know you are pretty 😛 ) But you are strong, full of character and have a confidence that I can only aspire to. Plus you don’t get awkward when we start talking about childbirth and vegetarianism or when people assume we are the token lesbian couple of the Laurel Hill Debs.

Thank you for tolerating my stalking,

Love Kate


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