House Partaaaaaaay

Its that time of year again. House party time! Luckily not in my house 🙂

SO whilst I will be gallavanting about this evening with Megan, Aimee, Emma, Niamh (the host of the shindig) and various non-blogging others, I do promise another post soon.

One thought on “House Partaaaaaaay

  1. oh, dear – i’m afraid my own life is far tamer than one on the outside might think but i don’t mention just how tame – i mean, a girl [especially a gypsy girl] must keep up her reputation, after all! – you know the reputation i’m talkin’ about! the one of wild and wanton forays from sunset till sunrise – so please don’t publish this little confession – it’s just between you and me and the mountain dew girls!

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