Happy (Belated) Birthday Gypsy :)

Like you asked, a poem set to music.

I hope you like it 🙂


5 thoughts on “Happy (Belated) Birthday Gypsy :)

  1. my dear kate! whatever might i possibly say to convey how deeply moved i am – to tears i am moved – i thank you – my heart thanks you – but most of all those voices that speak to me from deep inside thank you for magically giving their words life – life to the beat of sorrowful and pained notes which fit them perfectly – beautifully beautifully done! you have dressed them in gossamer wings! no finer gift could anyone be given – namaste’ – gypsy

  2. It was really nice to set someone else’s work to music because it is a whole new perspective and trying to get into someone’s thoughts other than you own.
    I’m so glad you like it!!!
    Love Kate

  3. oh, no, miss talented kate! i SO MUCH MORE than “liked” it! i LOVE it!!! and i’ve played it for everyone who has walked into the house – it’s been tweeted and facebooked and blogged – and have listened to it all morning today – again, my heartfelt thanks!

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