And Now For Something Completely Different….

I remember back in the day before I was all about the health and eating disorders. Even before I started going on about medicine and the Leaving Cert. Was anyone around when I was mainly blogging about music?

And on that note, I not have a youtube channel! Tah-dah. But not really, because it is severely lacking in love, care and videos. But hopefully not for long.

Check my first video below (any Scrubs fans recognise it?)

3 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different….

  1. OMGosh, dear kate! how beautiful – you’ve such a mesmerizing voice – very unique – love your voice – i’m out of adjectives! brava! brava! [standing and clapping]


    now, did you write the lyrics, yes? and next – so you’re gonna think about taking a piece or two of mine and letting me hear something set to music, yes? fantastic! 😉 [smiling vainly and selfishly]

    wow! thanks so much for ending my evening on such a lovely note – literally – oh, and tomorrow is my birthday, so do plan to come by the campfire for my little virtual birthday bash – maybe you’ll honor us with your music, too – see you there! 😉

    much affection – gypsy

  2. Ha I wish I could lay claim to it but that is a cover song 🙂 I wanted to ease into the waters of my strange brand of songwriting by hitting ye with someone else’s music first! Consider me in attendance!
    (And give me a few days, and I’ll see if I can come up with anything 😉 )

  3. oh, well, you’re on your way then! so i’ll stand ready with the accolades and long stemmed roses nevertheless – still standing and applauding, lady! thanks so much for my birthday wishes – i’m SUCH a ninny at my birthday – a true died in the wool LEO and way too much is NOT nearly enough on that day [uh, actually on ANY day for a leo!] 😉

    hugs –

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