Mini-Brick Workout

I run on Thursdays. Since my injury, my endurance is still horrific and can only run half miles before I need a walking break. But that’s not the issue, progress is progress and six weeks off is no joke. So I had a 30 minute run planned, as per usual. But lying in my bed this morning, all I wanted to do was load up with toast and painkillers and watch tv all day.

Then I remembered I hate watching tv all day (there is only so much Disney channel one girl can take) so I whipped on my running skirt (my shorts have gone AWOL?) and Garmin (my new baby 😀 ) and set off. A half a mile in, I realised I had no iPod. A mile in, my legs were having none of it. A combination of tiredness and new music was not working for me. But never one to give up on a workout, I decided to switch to my bike, thinking a 5 mile ride would make up for my 2 miles missed running.

Off I set, heading out towards Mungret, and once I got to the college, I decided to give running another bash. 10 minutes later, I had a mile done and had officially finished my first (albeit short) brick workout!* Back on the bike I hopped, and 3.5 miles later I was done! (Click for a larger view. If you actually care.)

I  may not have followed my plans, but something awesome still came out of it. BOOM.

*For non-fitness obsessives, a brick workout is doing any two triathlon sports back to back (swim to bike, bike to run etc.)

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