Changing And Rearranging: An Update

So the plan was this: I was going to start a new blog to focus on fitness, health and ED recovery and keep KateNap as a chronicle of everything else. But when it came right down to to it, it was too difficult to separate. Which part is my interests and which part is me? As it turns out, its all me. I am a musician, a runner, a vegetarian, a crazy little girl. Its all me and it can’t be divided. So things will stay as they are. With a little more frequency in posts and an attempt at less rambling and more quality (although lets not get our hopes up πŸ˜€ )

Things are feeling a little rough again. I blame my lack of things to do. I have no job and a lot of my friends are exploring foreign lands. I can’t wait for the start of my Nursing degree in September but I am terrified of a repeat of college last year. I know the circumstances are different but ED lets its little nagging voice be heard from time to time. Binge eating is still a daily challenge and I suppose it always has been. I had my fling with self starvation and over exercise but eventually, after a lot of work, it ended. But emotional eating is still a huge part of my life, and although it is not something I am happy about, it proves exceedingly difficult to kick. Obviously something needs to change because you can’t keep doing the same thing and expect different results. Until I figure it out, I am just happy to be part of a blogging community that is so inspirational πŸ™‚

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