Spin When You’re Winning

I wrote this about a week ago but I have no intention of updating the days. Enjoy.

I went to my first spin class in over a year and only my third spin class ever. And you know what? It was awesome. It was a 45 minute class, kept my attentio for the entire time, got my blood pumping like a good run and I walked away without aggravating my ankle even more. A win on all fronts. Persistance apparently does pay off. For it has been a checkered past with Spinning and me.

My first spin class wasn’t as horrendous as the next but it still left me walking away vowing never to return. I was fifteen, slightly overweight and a gym member for a mere five or six months. I was still using the treadmill for hill walking, was a regular aquaerobics participant and the concept of running was completely alien. My friend and I attempted Spin, were quickly out of breath and laughed off the thought of coming back as we hit the showers. Done and done.

About a year and a half ago, I went for try number 2. Even though my fitness levels were way up on the first attempt, the lack of food and abundance of repressed break up emotion I was feeling at the time took its toll and I very nearly fainted off the bike. I pretty much swore off the class after that.

Cut to my most recent lamejuice ankle sprain. I have three races in May and absolutely no way of training for them at the moment. Even things like yoga and lower body weights are questionable. So I said I’d give it a go. Couldn’t be harder than a five mile run, right? And it’ll help the aul stamina.

Hells to the YES. It was so much fun and just hard enough to get my sweat on without feeling I like I was about to die. Plus with Katy Perry and Swedish House Mafia playing I could conquer the world. What a win. I think I shall be making a regular appearance at Monday night’s 6:30 class from now on.

What fitness classes do you enjoy? Are some things worth the second (or third) chance?


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