Progress Is Progress… Even temporarily

I promise I have a lovely non-ED themed post for tomorrow. Full of exuberance and music. And you know you love the crazy really.

The title stems from the fact that any day I feel like I am improving, I usually fall back into a bad way after two or three days and the family is exposed to a horrible woe-is-me little girl type. Fun for all. But today is good. And why not list these good things, so that, on days where I feel like absolute KayRap, I can read this and remember there are days that are good and it is possible to get out of that deep dark hole.

There was a time, of course, before I realised calories existed. I was a thin child (everyone in my family is naturally thin) and never gained a pound, regardless of how much I ate. And I loved sweets, as all kids do. But I loved trying new foods, I ate my breakfast every morning (Ready Brek usually – child porridge?) and I loved a good dinner. But during this joyful childhood, there was one significant difference – I didn’t worry when or what I was going to eat next, I didn’t stress about the possible consequences of that donut and most importantly, I stopped when I was full. In any case, puberty takes its toll and we come back to today. I suppose in the long term, the ideal solution for most of life’s problems is to approach it from a child’s point of view. [Really, I just want an excuse to watch more kid’s movies. Toy Story 3 anyone?]

Back to progress:

  • I am wearing my size 10 jeans again. And I do not feel bad about it. They are nice jeans damn it.
  • I went shopping and bought six items of clothing. I really hate changing rooms and I am terrible at shopping for anything besides sports clothes without my sister to guide the way. This is huge.
  • I had a Galaxy bar because I felt my blood sugars dropping. And I don’t feel guilty. Or like embarking on binge.
  • I am really liking my new job. Which is giving me more confidence in everything 🙂 Plus it gets me up and out every morning.

Oh the optimism is pouring out of me. But that may have something to do with the Colin Firth movie I rented. Mmmmhmmm.



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