Action Plan #2: Run the 10K in the Great Limerick Run

I have started this! Well basically my micoach pacer has started this and I am just obeying it to the letter.

  • Follow the plan! Like such:
  • Untitled

    Its longer. Right up to May 1st. But you get the gist.

  • Cross train on Mondays and Wednesdays – we don’t want another banjaxxed knee up in here.
  • Rest day on Saturday 🙂 – Choir and grinds and friends today, thank you.
  • Yoga whenever I damn well please – Dave Farmar, I love you and your comic yoga ways.
  • FUEL FUEL FUEL – I realise I burn a lot of calories running (take today for example – just shy of 800 calories!) But I need to eat carbs and protein in the right amounts (Hence my a-MAZING beast of a salad with poached eggs and ham today. NOM.) ANd of  course, celebrate with the occasional Ferrero Rocher (thanks Rachel 😉 )

I love my pacer so much. Yes, I run really slow (generally somewhere between 9:30 – 11:30 min/mile) but I ran 5 miles today and 4 miles yesterday and I don’t feel like I want to die. Win.


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