Action Plan #1: Be Kinder To Myself

I set out 6 goals for the new year here. And in keeping with my own advice, I am going to make plans to achieve these goals.

  • Be Kinder To Myself – this involves maintaining a healthy weight (without binge or starve,) getting enough exercise (without killing myself) and getting a serious hold on nasties like fat talk and body checks. Here’s to a healthy 2011!
  • This is going to be the hardest of all my goals. But it is also the one I am most focused on so here is my step by step plan on getting there.

    1. Eating enough to fuel myself without going mad – this proves difficult because I have been more or less on a permanent diet from the age of 15 until about 2 months ago. Especially since I started exercising with a heart rate monitor, I am shocked by the amount of calories I burn in exercise (anything from 200-600 a day!) and how much I was undereating on starve days. On the other side of the spectrum, binge days could be anything from a few hundred calories over to thousands over. My goal is to find balance. I want to listen to my hunger cues – eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full. I want to not be afraid of certain foods or feel like a small amount of something (eg peanut butter) will set me off on a tangent of eating until I feel sick. I am aiming to eat an average of 2000 calories a day to achieve this (and more on highly active days.)
    2. Exercising but not like a crazy person – I was very lazy for a long time (with the exception of dance.) But these days, I love to run. I love weights. I adore yoga, swimming, anything to get me going. So whilst this all started out from a very damaging place (burn, burn, burn those calories!) I am glad that exercise is now a big part of my life. Now that I am eating more, I don’t dread workouts or feel like I am going to die afterwards. I am stronger than ever and am a better singer thanks to my improved core. I want to keep this up for 2011 and make sure that a. I am exercising for the love of it and b. I am taking rest days without feeling guilty. Since I have a training plan for my 10K, I am finding it easier to plan and not overexert myself. Which my type A personality loves 🙂
    3. Stop seeing days as a success or failure based on calories – I am getting better at this! But ideally, I would like to look at an apple and see more than 80 calories. I want to eat a full fat yogurt and be okay with that. I want to not have to think about whether my day has caused me to gain weight. Sometimes its okay to eat a few cookies.
    4. Say goodbye to negative thoughts and behaviours – I figure this will require outside help so I won’t get into it. But I want to stop doing body checks, stop listening to fat talk and accept who I am. Oh the cliche sound of all that…
    5. Remind myself that there are things that a lot more important than a flat stomach and a sub-18-BMI weight. Things such as the abiliy to run, a greater control over my IBS, less stress, more energy, undamaged fertility and being free of bone-density risks. Hurray.

    Anyway that is the plan. Lets see how that goes. I predict the next five will be significantly simpler 🙂

    What’s your plan for the new year?


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