New Month Resolutions

Today’s post comes from my sleepy brain and is based on the fact that I have a very short attention span. I read a lot of blogs and my love for the things in the Sparkley and Sexy category has exploded of late. This time last year I was obsessed with fitness blogs so it’ll be interesting to see what I am reading in January 2013. Anyway, down to business.

New Month Resolutions

Difficulty – 1

Why start a vague and unspecific goal for the entire year (such as Eat Healthy or Lose Weight) only to give it up by the end of January anyway? Which is why I propose, small goals for one month to ease you in to the new habit you want to develop, enjoying the sense of achievement at the end of the month and then, growing from there. By all means think big in the long term but remember – gay marriage wasn’t built in a day. (Come on. It wouldn’t be me without a sly nod to LGBT rights.)

Psychology suggests that our brain reacts to things in three ways

  • Affective (thoughts)
  • Emotional (feelings)
  • Behavioural (actions)

and so I have created one achievable goal under each of these headings for the month of January.  When February rolls around, I can reassess and see what I can change and improve.

Resolution 1 – Affective 

  • Big Picture – Use your brain to achieve your goals
  • January Goal – Take an online French course to refresh language ability
  • Why? I want to work in France and Canada at some point and this will make me more employable

Resolution 2 – Emotional

  • Big Picture – Become a more caring and trusting person in all relationships
  • January Goal – Take note of and avoid negative reactions to fearful situations, such as opening up and anxiety provoking social situations
  • Why? I use dark humour and coldness to avoid getting hurt and exposed which will affect my relationships and own happiness long term

Resolution 3 – Behavioural

  • Big Picture – Establish a regular exercise routine and improve fitness
  • January Goal – Sparkpeople January Jumpstart Challenge, which involves 30 minutes of cardio 5 times a week and one 10 minute video per day (I am one week done already 😀 )
  • Why? My personal health should be a priority and exercise improves my mental and physical state.

What are your goals for January?



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