The Post Christmas Hangover

Today was the day to get back on track. And not in the “oh no, I’m getting too faaaat!” way that I would have usually, but more like, four solid days of eating non-stop sugar and ham (not together) is making my body scream out for mercy. I suppose that’s what I get for eating 2 selection boxes, a very large portion of a tin of roses and keeping a fairly constant eating-on-the-hour routine going on. So I complied. 14 hours of sleep later, porridge for breakfast and salad for lunch and I feel mighty better. It’s nice to get an endorphin hit without the sugar coma that follows.

I also went for a run (my first bit of exercise in 4 days!) Accompanying me was my sexy new micoach pacer. I think I’m in love. Whilst I love the buzz of running and getting outside and moving, there is quite a sense of satisfaction in knowing how far you went (a short 2.2 miles) and how fast you were going (avg 6:55 min/km (not good) but there was walking involved in the interval workout). Just the thing to get me out of my rut 🙂 Yoga was also on the cards and I am nicely refreshed to go see Gulliver’s Travels with my mom in a while. Laters alligators 🙂


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