Last Night

Worry. Nausea. Fear.

Family. Chips. Hot Water Bottle.

Anna. Megan. Jenny. Sca. GHD Curls.

Clancy. Squashing 6 people illegally into a 5 seater. Awesome speaker specs fresh from LeSAD.

The Old Cres. Cheap Drinks. Packed Bathrooms.

Dancing 90. Excellent playlists. Looking like an explorer (In a good way.)

Best Friend. Hugs. 18 kisses (for Steve.)

More Dancing. Frienassaince. Talking to people I  haven’t seen in years.

Making plans that might never come true. Over-dancing guy. Hauntiness near our bags (shudder.)

Cheap taxi home. Pizza (Ryvita for me.) Late night X Factor.

Hot Chocolate. More Sca. Bed with make up still on.

That is what makes for an epic night.


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