Namaste: The iTunes Way

Namaste is my new favorite word. All the good in me salutes all the good in you.

I’ve always enjoyed Yoga. There was a twice weekly morning class in my gym which I attended religiously whenever pesky interferences like school didn’t get in the way. Part of my gap year plan included returning to regualr Yoga practice. But then our teacher got pregnant. So I had to find a new source of inner peace.

Enter: iTunes podcasts. I don’t have to keep turning my head towards a video screen and I can close my eyes as I move. Its no replacement for a real class but I can do it anytime of the day that pleases me. And for a little while after each session, my mind silences. And even if its only 5 minutes, I relish that silence as one of the high points of my day. 

I’m trying to make yoga a daily thing. There are a few reasons, the first being that until my new job starts, I have a lot of time on my hands. On top of this, I have to stop running for the week thanks to my freshly banjaxxed knee. I am hoping yoga will help my knee (strained) and my mind (a similar state) all in one swift movement of a downward dog.

Have a nice day.



2 thoughts on “Namaste: The iTunes Way

  1. greetings kate – i could not resist to your post on one of my most favorite words, too – namaste’ – my dear dear “baby brother” [3 years younger than i] first introduced me to this beautiful word and its magnificent meaning many many moons ago – in the late 60’s – early 70’s – he painted it in red on a beautiful flat rock which he gave me and i have used all these years as a paper weight or just as it is on my bookshelf – or wherever – the rock and words are beautiful but more beautiful is the memory of my now-departed brother and his caring for me in this wonderful gift – a gift of the word itself and a gift of his love for me – thank you so much for this trip down memory lane – i know you will come to love and cherish the word and its meaning as i do year after year after year – oh, and by the by, from personal experience, i know how difficult it can be to find that inner peace, but i’ve no doubt that you will conquer in very short order the difficulty! 🙂
    peace and love –
    namaste’ –

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