Destroy and Heal

I am cynical. And logical. And essentially atheistic. And I love a nice bit of scientific proof to back up any claim. So it is a wonder that I get on famously well with an alternative healing nun.

This morning was a health morning in my mom’s CDP. Thanks to Regeneration, the last of the housing estate (besides the project itself) is being torn to the ground. I mention this merely to contrast this mass of destruction with the healing that is slowly but surely affecting my soul.

I sipped on a smoothie while I waited for Maire (the alternative healing nun) to be free. Not my first time with Maire, she greeted me with a giant hug and a congratulations on my LC results. And then we chatted. Its no wonder people go to her for counselling. I filled her in on leaving college, what I’m up to now, the cold I can feel coming on (she noted I was pale) and random other anecdotes concerning the family (such as Helena’s goal at her GAA match yesterday :D) Then came the alternative part.

So maybe Bio-Resonance Testing isn’t an orthodox medical approach. But damn it if it hasn’t improved my health ten-fold in the past. I don’t want to believe in this stuff, but if it can suss out my wheat allergy and make life significantly easier to handle, then I trust. My energy is down at 9, it seems. Which is a fail considering it was a 23 last time (its out of 30.) I explained my weight loss situation to Maire and I’ll be seeing her again soon.

Part 2 of my healing today was my first ever Reiki experience. Reiki was something I was even more loathe to subscribe to. I mean, honestly, what was this supposed to do. For the first 5 minutes, my thoughts raced, and I realised how all over the place my mind actually is. It’s difficult to switch off. I made progress as the 20 minute session went on. Your eyes close deeper, your body feels warm, your muscles heavier, stiller. And I woke up more at peace than I have in months. The practitioner told me I needed to be more grounded (which I agree with) and that I essentially have my head in the clouds. She also said that I had been blocking part of the creative side of my brain. Ok.. I thought. Did I write? Why, yes, I do, in fact. Have you been writing a lot less lately? YES. You should start writing more again. Freaky, considering my blogging has gone to death lately. This is a sign.

So improvement seems on the horizon. Even if it wears off after a day 🙂


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