Day 02: Your Least Favourite Song

The day started off a fail of shame, regret and nausea. Full ready to throw myself in bed for 24 hours and alternating between sleeping and reading Eat, Pray, Love. Which everybody should buy by the way. But as my amazing Mom said, “The day’s not over yet.” So we are continuing with our Sunday Family Day tradition and going picnic-ing to Curragh Chase, the most soul rebuilding place in the county. I refuse to put on make up or straighten my hair. I’ll e wearing a hat. In a forest. Who’s going to be looking at me?

Anyway, back  to the challenge. Least favourite song. How fitting for a bad day such as today. And yet I’m finding it hard to pinpoint a song I truly dislike. I do dislike songs. And I grow sick of songs. Sick enough that I may just throw something at the radio when it comes on. But nothing jumps out at me as spectacularly ear wrenching. So I’ll leave you with a song which always inspires some level of disdain. Its the only instance in which death threats accompanied the sound of the classical music in my head. You don’t actually have to listen to it. You might hurt your ears.


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