Not So Much Comatose Zombie As Just Mildly Sleepy

Its a pleasant change from the last week, where I have been as dozy as a… well, I can’t think of a hilarious analogy right now but at least I am feeling more like my usual self. I think the lack of caffeine has something to do with it. And for the record, Decaf Lyons is not the same as Lyons. But it grows on you. Options Belgian Choc is the better (if unhealthier) option.

Bad points of the day included our lack of house meeting (and thus my lack of important announcement) and also my slowly re-emerging anxiety. Which I am determined to get the upper hand on.

Good points of the day included my chat with my mom, which quelled aforementioned anxiety somewhat, playing Singstar for ages with Sinead and losing my voice, watching Mean Girls on RTE (always a win “say crack again” “Crack”) and talking to Clo about Rocky Horror on the way home from the gym.

Which leads me to my next point. For the first time in 2 weeks, I went to the gym. For reasons which I may or may not delve into at a later date, I put a halt on my gym going so as to completely rehaul my mindset regarding food and fitness. But my energy had returned so I accompanied Sinead. I am under parental orders to take it easy so I did 20 minutes on the stepper (not that taxing, nice and low impact, I promise) and then spurred on by that achievement, did a very short 10 minute run. It was amazing. I forgot what it was like to run for the sheer love of it. So I must slowly incorporate it back into my life.

Also, my new motto (courtesy of Hangry Pants) is “No one ever got fat from eating too many roasted vegetables.” I am aware that it is completely random but damnit, I’ll sew it on a quilt I love it so much.

And for a second also, milk and sesame seeds make for an epic addition to porridge. Just saying.

Beaucoup d’amour, mes chers 🙂


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