I hate that I don’t love medicine to the degree I thought I would.

I love being home. In spite of Limerick’s apparent inferiority.

I hate the power food wields over me.

I love playing Mumford and Sons on the ukelele. And yes, I know that Mumford and Sons use a banjo, not a uke.

I hate my lack of motivation to be active or social.

I love my bed.

I hate the conflict raging between my intellect and my emotion.

I love the far superior cup of tea that a pot yields.

I hate obsession.

I love my sister’s no shit attitude.

I hate how uncertain all my once strong convictions have become.

I love when my Daddy sends me reassuring texts very late at night.

I hate the cold. And it’s always cold.

I love my mom. Unashamedly.

If only I could run away


4 thoughts on “Disarray

  1. You could run away, but you would only be running away from yourself.
    Time. We should all give ourselves more.
    Things have a habit of falling into place. With time.



  2. I somehow ended up on your blog…don’t ask how. But I can honestly say it’s one of the only blogs I’ve ever read that I actually understand…fair play to you, your writing style is fantastic! But what happened with college? Why did you drop out? I’m really interested to know because i fear I will find myself in your shoes next year…

    love your music by the way…

  3. Thank you!
    You know that feeling where you’ve built something up for so long in your head only to be sorely disappointed? That was my college course. And its tough being gone from education for a year. But I’m excited about next year (I’m doing Arts and will most likely be in a few classes with my sister, which is awesome 🙂 ) As far as being afraid you will make the wrong choice, just go for it. You can always go back and start again. That’s the beauty of being young, I suppose. We have so much time in front of us to make mistakes and go again until you find something you love 🙂

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