Day 10: One Confession

My confession? I am the very definition of fail. Why, you ask? Because three days into living in Cork city without the fam to watch my back, my purse gets lifted. €30 down the drain, but at least the Gardaí got me all my cards back. And Sinead’s epic brother drove us which saved the ridiculously long walk home.

In other college update news, no one has properly moved in yet. Sinead and I live in an 8 person house… with two of us. We have met our Nursing student and our Psych student, but they went home. And since I haven’t even had orientation yet (it’s Monday 😀 ) I have yet to really make friends. So its a boring aul time. To fight the boredom? Domestication!

Thursday was the day of the big shop. Starting the morning with an exploratory jog, I discovered that Tesco Express is reeeeeeally close. Further exploration later in the day proved that Tesco Express was ass. So off to Wilton shopping centre we went! Nothing eases my sould more than those yellow tags on the reduced items in Tesco 🙂 Thursday was also the day of extraneous amounts of walking. We walked everywhere. Who says 1st Years gain weight when they go to college?!

Yesterday was a lazier day. In our defence, the weather was K-Rap. My small umbrella is destroyed. Thank God for Mom donating her awesome Big umbrella to the cause. Checked out Brookfield Gym yesterday (€4. Cuts me. But I don’t get my free Mardyke Gym until Monday.) Gym was grand, the lack of Arc trainer made me sad. But the showers were class! So much pressure. Plus they had hairdryers which was awesome 🙂 We also cleaned the kitchen floor (it was sticky) with the nastiest mop ever. The amount of brown stuff that came out of that mop. I was rinsing it for ages and it still isn’t clean. Just marginally less disgusting.

We went on a shplore of Grand Parade library also. Sinead is a member, I refuse to join until I get my student card. No way am I paying €20 for a library when I can get it for free in two days time. The music library in there is to die for. Hours, days, weeks…could potentially be wiled away there… I got pure emotional looking through Mozart scores. I miss my singing teacher already. Louise, one of these days I will just randomly show up at your house. Note to self: must join Choral Society.

I must be off now. We are receiving our first visitor from Limerick (Neil) and he has a car. Yert. Today will not be a walk everywhere day. 🙂


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