Day Seven: Four turn offs

This is kinda pet hates too. So just don’t do them. Please. Don’t.

1. Singing a song with not right words. I am serious. Don’t do it. I will actually punch you. Just learn the words. Or shush. Science shows us that singing is beneficial as it utilises both the left and right side of the brain by combing music and lyrics i.e. learning words. So do it.

2. Stories that begin with the phrase “When I was drunk…” And end with you realising that this person’s stories are all from the same night. And that you are not getting the last 20 minutes or so of your life back. Fail.

3. Boys wearing clothes specifically designed with females in mind. And then claiming that this is the man version. This includes, but is not limited to: man uggs, man harem pants, man three quarter lengths…

4. Spelin wurdz lyk dis. Speshly if yhoo put in mor leters dan de orijinal wurd.


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