Day Eight: Three turn ons.

Anyone else think that this is ridiculously similar to 8 ways to win your heart? Oh well.

1. Knowing your way around a kitchen. Show me a boy who can saute, sear and scallop; can you say, Hello 😉

2. Green eyes. You just don’t see them often enough. And they are beautiful and bright and all round enchanting.

3. Witty intellect. Or intellectual wit. I’m not sure. Basically a Bit of Fry and Laurie. Seriously, has there been a post recently where I haven’t mentioned Stephen Fry. In my defence, there was a Fry-based supplement in the Irish Times today so he’s in my head. I delayed going to my friend’s house to read it. Yes, I am just that cool. On the same note, whilst discussing attractive figures of the older generation, I got the girls to agree that Hugh Larie is right up there with Morgan Freeman. Honour.


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