Day Five: Six things you wish you’d never done.

It seems like I am making less of an effort. I promise I will try harder tomorrow.

1. Lost contact with people who I didn’t think would be so transient in my life. Then enough time passes to make any attempt at a frienassaince far too awkward.

2. Gotten sick at Oxegen. And looking like a swearing tit in the line for the bus home. Although both were out of my conscious control so I will make my peace.

3. Cried at the Coach and then subsequently blamed that crying on an inability to so Honours Maths. To this day, people from school still quote me “I…*sob* caaaaan’t… *sob* do… *sob* Maaaaaaaaths… *sob*”

4. Drank that much at Mardi Gras and disgraced myself in front of everyone I know, as well as my mom the next day. Classy bird, I am.

5. Allowed myself to get taken in.

6. Walked  from Bowling to the Dock Road on the night of the first Debs instead of taking a cab. Yes, my date had lost his coat. Yes, I was in too much pain to wear my shoes. And yes, it did start to rain. Buckets.

But I suppose all of this is character building. Regret nothing 🙂


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