Day Four: Seven things that cross your mind a lot.

I actually have more interesting and deep thoughts from time to time, concerning such things as science, philosophy, the behavioural analysis of people. But generally, I am far more domesticated.

1. The amount of money currently in my possession, how long said money will last and how far I can stretch so as to satisfy my needs for make up/clothes/coffee.

2. The dishwasher. I empty and fill that dishwasher and clean the pots and pans every morning. It’s part of my day. And its weird when I can’t do it.

3. Does this have wheat in it? And if it does, do I want to risk it anyway?!

4. Whether or not I have the capability to survive in the adult world without Mammy and Daddy watching my back all the time.

5. Food. Baking, meals, calories, planning, food does take up a lot of my thinking time during the day. But its gotten to the point where I am so accustomed to it that it is like thought-white-noise.

6. The effect my hasty words have on the people I love. Whether it is directly or indirectly about the person I am talking to, sometimes I fear I am too harsh, that I hurt without intent. And I hope people know I am sorry.

7. Edward Norton. Yum.


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